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Welcome to PhotoEditingNes.com. The documents below contain essential information about your legal rights, including a guarantee that we will work to resolve any disputes between us.

You must meet these requirements to use PhotoEditingNes and access its content:

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You must meet these requirements to use PhotoEditingNes and access its content. You mean to agree with the terms of this Agreement by using PhotoEditingNes.

1 – How to Use This Site

Here we’ll go over some of the many features and functions available on the Site.

· What We Offer

Clipping path is one of the many Photoshop services that PhotoEditingNes offers. You must pay for PhotoEditingNes Services in full when ordering unless otherwise agreed. We offer a quote before anyone makes a final purchase decision.  

· What You Need to Know About the Client Portal, Account Settings, and Login details

Specific Service components may need users to create an account and select a password. The User’s registration information must be accurate, complete, and up-to-date. Any Agreement violation by the User may result in immediate account termination. Any breach of this Agreement by the User can result in account termination. You must immediately notify PhotoEditingNes of any account or password breaches. We highly recommend you keep your account details private because you will be responsible for both losses if you share your account details.

2 – Pictures

Please upload images that meet our size and resolution requirements. PhotoEditingNes makes every effort to send you high-quality retouched photos. Once you receive the returned print, you must report a mistake within seven days. PhotoEditingNes prioritizes customer satisfaction and will fix any errors. This includes re-performing services to correct the mistakes. You’ll use Section 1 to decide if a selected image is acceptable (“Pictures”). The procedure keeps going until the returned painting is approved. After 30 days, PhotoEditingNes deletes all accepted images. PhotoEditingNes isn’t responsible for image quality if you don’t follow their guidelines.

3 – Supply

PhotoEditingNes sends the finalized photos back to You via a shared URL. While PhotoEditingNes does its best to keep your completed picture out of the wrong hands. There are security flaws inherent to an accessible URL that we cannot fix. PhotoEditingNes may make your edited images available via FTP, API, or another mechanism. Prices for PhotoEditingNes’s services vary depending on the deadline you need them. PhotoEditingNes prioritizes orders with specific delivery dates for customer satisfaction and repeat business. PhotoEditingNes will do its best to finish your order by the date you give.

Moreover, PhotoEditingNes cannot guarantee that this will be the case. Tell them if PhotoEditingNes’s return date differs from the price you paid. Include the Order Date, Requested Delivery Date, and Actual Delivery Date. PhotoEditingNes will contact you if we can’t finish your order by the date you want.

4 – Cash Receipts

When PhotoEditingNes accepts Your order, the service price will be as listed. Please note that PhotoEditingNes may alter its pricing at any time. All transactions must be in USD. PhotoEditingNes will accept Your order after receiving payment confirmation. PhotoEditingNes may decide to give high-volume, repeat customers a line of credit. Here you will be billed every month. All taxes, duties, and tariffs imposed as a result of your order are your responsibility to cover in full. The other parts of this Agreement apply to any trial period, whether you have to pay for it. Only product photos can be accepted for free trials because we want to avoid machine and software submissions. (like numerous free trial queries using the same IP).

5 – Refunds and a Quality Assurance Promise

PhotoEditingNes’s mission is to provide first-rate service at all times. We revise it for your satisfaction with the project. You can contact PhotoEditingNes within 14 days of delivery for any changes or refunds. We reject any requested amendment if the Client’s needs change. PhotoEditingNes won’t refund photos edited to a sample’s standard. We’ll make image changes for less if something goes wrong. No harm will come to PhotoEditingNes or its affiliates from our reliable service. Quotes are available for purchase on PhotoEditingNes. Once a client downloads their photos, we can’t refund them for any reason.

Contact PhotoEditingNes’s support team if you need a refund.

6 – Cookies

The usage of cookies is something we do. Accessing photoeditingnes.com indicates your acceptance of cookies per the PhotoEditingNes Privacy Policy. Most websites use cookies to remember user preferences between visits. Cookies help our website function properly and improve your experience. It’s possible that some of our marketing and affiliate partners use cookies.

If you have questions about PhotoEditingNes or the Agreements, email info@PhotoEditingNes.com.