Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is an essential responsibility to us. And so we’ve created a page called the Privacy Policy. Through this page, we have attempted to illuminate how we gather, use, convey and uncover your data.

We can assure you that we do not use this information maliciously. Again we don’t impart this data to anybody. We need your information to make specific improvements to our site under the Online Rules. We collect your information in this way. And when you choose to access our site, you are asked whether you agree to provide such personal information to us. Then you can enter the area or avoid it if you want.

Who we are

Our website address is:

We collect this information.

When you visit our website, you can choose to give us your information or keep your information private. Generally, we follow this rule. 

One thing to remember, you can enter our website as a visitor anytime without any information. And know more about us. There will be no obligation to access our website without your personal information.

Yes, but there are some cases where we need your information. We will give you choices. From there, you can log in and skip our website.

Automatic computer data collection

We naturally gather specific data about your PC when you visit our site. And we do not consider this information as personal information. Because these cannot be called personal data, this is some information from the computer you access our website using a browser. We also collect certain information, which is set out below.

Logging Files:

What we mean by logging files is as follows:

  • Time and date of visit to the website,
  • IP address,
  •  Viewed through any browser,
  •  Internet Service Provider (ISP),
  •  How many clicks from login to logout?

Note this is not personally identifiable information. There are specific reasons for keeping this information. With this data, we can analyze some things. Like, as how many users are entering our site and how much they stay on it, etc.

Order Files:

When you order a product, we need certain information from you. Like your name, address, email, and telephone number. This information helps us to identify you.


Our website uses “cookies.” These cookies allow us to understand which articles on our website you spend the most time and which you avoid.

Yet, it is possible to disable cookies through some browsers. You can debilitate treats through your program.

Yet, recollect this. This might lead to specific issues. Your program can not get to our site.

Since we do not store personally identifiable information in cookies, you may need to disable cookies.

Ways to Use Your Information

We use your information in various ways. How we use your information is discussed below:

To Customize Our Website

We utilize your data to redo our site. And we also use your contact number and email to give you regular information about our services.

To Share Information with Third Parties

We never sell the information you provide to expand our business. Your data is a significant resource for us. Considering this, we treasure them. However, a few regions, like numerous organizations, are engaged with our site’s different administrations. We share your information with them only if necessary for those services. It will cause any personal harm to you.

Provision of information as required by law

Our need is never to impart your data to any outsider. But some areas remain. In that case, we have to pay. For example, if the law of a country says that this information can be given to an organization, we are obliged to provide it. And if any state asks for the information for their legal needs, we have to give it.

Information Collection

We gather your data for the inside tasks of our site. And we keep this right. Because the information we collect is not your personally identifiable information. We try to avoid collecting data that could personally identify you. And if we collect such information, that information is not disclosed outside our website.

In other cases

Besides the above, we provide information in some instances. For example, if you need it and if you provide your information for any reason.

Other Sites

You know that each site has its different privacy policy as we have. It won’t be indistinguishable in that frame of mind from the protection practices of different locales. And so if any other site connects with our site, they will get this information. And we cannot say what they will do with this information once they have it because that website has its privacy policy. If any website has a link to our website, then before clicking on that link and going to another website, you must know the privacy policy of their website. It is your responsibility. In this case, entering their website without knowing their privacy policy may be harmful to you. We will sit around aimlessly.

Information of Children

A notable aspect of Photo Editing News is:

We are generally cautious about collecting information from children. We do not collect information from children who are under the age of 18. We are always aware of children under 18 when they access our website. In this case, we are not negligent. If children under 18 provide any information on our website, we ask their parents to contact us as soon as possible.

Adequate Security

Photo Editing Nes protects your personal information. But as the internet system is not 100% secure, in some cases, we have nothing to do. Although we work hard to ensure that your personal information is not shared with others, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee due to some of our limitations. We store your personal information in a separate secure location like our other information and use it from there as needed. No outsider can enter there. Such a system is done on our website to protect your personal information.


Our privacy policies published on this page are not permanent privacy policies. We might change these security approaches out of the blue. So, we may change our privacy policies as the operation of our website requires. Again, it may be that there are inaccuracies somewhere in our privacy policies. And again, It may be that many customers are having problems with our privacy policy. We might change this Security Strategy as the needs are. So, please note that our privacy policy is not permanent. And so you can contact us if you have any opinion about this privacy policy or need to add any policy or remove any policy. Then you can tell us about them.

Shoot your question about our privacy policy

We are always responsible to you. Thus, on the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning our security strategy, kindly reach us to put your question. Then we will clear any hesitations about us you may have.